Scrum Beyond

a very canny “uncanny” open-space event

Francis Laleman
8 min readSep 26, 2022


photo by flaleman, June 2021

How about Scrum beyond [whatever you thing Scrum is actually for]?

The Scrum Beyond Software online open space that ran for 24 hours around the world in the last weekend of September 2022 has been a memorable event by all means.

Here are some reasons why bringing Scrum beyond [younameit] makes a lot of sense.


The idea of lifting Scrum Beyond might be seen by the orthodox as a somewhat silly, if not a weird or outrageous undertaking. But wait a minute.

Even with an atypical background in education and learning theory, I have had the good fortune of getting in touch with the Scrum scene and the Scrum community relatively early in its history — and I have had even better luck in finding Tobias Mayer on my track, the author of The People’s Scrum, who quickly became my friend and my mentor, and who helped me deepen my path of being a Scrum practitioner at the very edge of the software development world, and beyond.

It was in Dublin, at a Scrum Alliance conference that Michaela Broeckx (another notorious Scrum-beyonder) and our daughter Amalya and I had chosen to attend as a family, that Michaela had told me that “you must meet this Mayer guy, I think you two have so much in common, and I do not mean just your age.”

Soon I found myself hovering in that very special world that Tobias has created, some sort of subset of the Scrum community at large. Where Scrum is positioned as “the natural way,” “something basically human,” and “a strangely conducive grassroots and anti-establishment way of making things together.”

If there is ever a need to answer the question of whether there is such a thing as Scrum Beyond Software, I think a brief look at Tobias’ work will suffice as an answer.

Later, more luck came my way, when Tobias and I, in the process of carving a very special kind of friendship and companionship, ended up running programs and workshops together. I can assure you that if…



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